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My Trip to Global Entrepreneurship Week in Prishtina

Mostar-based entrepreneur Nikolina Zeljko shares her experience traveling to Kosovo for Global Entrepreneurship Week 2018

by Nikolina Zeljko, Mostar - B&H

As the Marketing Manager of blablaDev, I took part in GEW events in Kosovo, hosted by ICK and supported by Western Balkans Mobility Fund.​

Our company is a web service to help clients find new talented developers.

I've applied to the Western Balkans Mobility Fund and had to choose between attending four events.​ My choice was Prishtina as I've never visited Kosovo before and wanted to get to know the startup scene in the youngest country in Europe. Ahmed and Arta from ICK were my contacts there, while travel was arranged by GIZ. I had to take care of the accommodation myself, so I booked at Oda Hostel for four nights.

My flight to Kosovo was very pleasant and I'm very happy with the communication with the GIZ crew. I arrived to Prishtina on a Wednesday and met with ICK team shortly after. This included a meeting with ICK colleagues with whom I agreed on cooperation. They're in charge of Kosovan programming school, so we agreed that the students will use blablaDev as a part of their program. I wanted to attend workshop named “The Art of Business Forecasting for Startups” but it was in the Albanian language (I don't understand a word), so I went for a walk in the center of the city. Arta told me that the first lecture the next day will be in English.

The next day, I headed toward the Riinvest Faculty to attend a workshop named “Communication, Negotiations and Outsourcing Training for Women in ICT”, and had a great time there that day, even learning some Albanian words from the lecturers and participants!

In conclusion, my trip to Prishtina was wonderful, and I even managed to get some benefit for my startup blablaDev and for my personal development. I’ll take this chance to express my gratitude to GIZ, Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK) and the team of Western Balkans Mobility Fund.

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